Friday, January 30, 2009


(I only went to make a new pot of coffee and when I came back 'someone' had done 'something' to MY blog! I don't actually understand what kind of dancing monster it is. It must be some Mongolian devil-spirit ti-hi-hi! After too much araka! An over-spirited spirit!)

I (we) had to get used to being an Inuit here, in case you don't know, before that was called 'Eskimo'. Everyone who doesn't know us in Canada, when we meet the first time, they say 'Oh are you Inuit?', Eskimo is not the 'politically correct' name these days. Anyway I usually just say 'no, I'm a cousin' and then they look at me like I'm a crazy person who thinks Inuit is someone's name. 

I still have an accent, as many Inuits also have when they speak in English so they think I didn't understand, but it's just to tease them, which I enjoy! Then I explain that actually the Inuit were the last people to cross from Asia, even not all of them did, so some of them still are living in Chukhotka in Russia where Sarah Palin can see them (!). I mean it happened thousands of years ago of course. 

But why I say 'cousin' is that the clever scientists discovered that the Tyvan genes are the closest to the Inuit genes, so we are really cousins, relatives as you now see. And that's why people think we are Inuits. 

What a long way round in the circle. It must be the Arctic Circle.

By the way, we live very far away from the Inuits who are near the North Pole somewhere. And there are no Inuits who live here. Only us two. And Percy is not a husky-dog for a sled, she's almost a poodle. Now when I look up husky in Wikipedia I see there that Husky and Eski/mo are from the same origin. 

Just a little circle. 

I am going round in circles 
because it is snowing,  
and so I cannot see  
where I should be going.

That was a new poem by me just now.

I AM a crazy person. 

AND so is that one who puts his dancing devils here. Go AWAY. Shoo! Naughty man.

P.S.: The secret bad thing about being an INUITYVAN is that you got short legs usually.


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