Thursday, March 5, 2009

a bit depressed, stressed

Husband says I'm always depressed at this time of the year. Well, maybe, BUT THE CRISIS MAKES IT WORSE. The company, his one, invited us so we went Tuesday to Ontario to the opening of the new idea, the Diamond Bourse of Canada. It looks like it's been finished very quickly, I looked at the website and it's not even all there yet. Everyone was tring to look happy, positive and so on. There was some nice food, it was the Intercontinental in Toronto. It was mostly quite boring, just ok to go away and see something.

Can you imagine, it is a little country in Africa that is the biggest country for diamonds in the world? It is Botswana, do you know where it is? Then it is Russia and afterwards Canada. But even 15 years ago there were no diamonds in Canada, so they are lucky, they make 15 percent of them all now here. But more than half of all the world's diamonds are sold in the States. For example, it was told that De Beers mine 40% of all the diamonds, just one company. But now they don't sell so much, it's a pity, it's our problem too.

Can you imagine (again) that to come to the big city and not to go shopping? I don't know, it's so stupid this crisis, I feel it is very strange, like not real, actually.

So they are going to build that railway to Kuragino, I suppose it will be like Tibet afterwards, I just hope that it will only be good tourists and Tyvans who use it (with all that dirty coal also, of course). And I hope it makes all that is imported cheaper, as well. It will be more convenient than the bus to reach Abakan, but maybe too expensive?

When I feel like it I will write more.