Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just about dogs

Percy, my darling, is lying correctly on my feet, as I have trained her. Yes, it's true, she's a little girl. But first things first: I sit here with my laptop at the table in front of the big window looking over our deck and yard. That's because I need daylight, I need inspiration, and I need to daydream while looking as if I am maybe busy. In case the male person is looking. But there is a draft of cold air falling from the window, under the table onto my feet. So I trained her as my feet-warmer. That's that matter.

Second, why is she a girl called Percy: that's my fault, I went to the pound to look at the dogs, in secret actually and with a girlfriend, I didn't even know if I wanted a dog. I know husband always had a dog when he was a kid. I was usually afraid of the dogs in Kyzyl and in the village, they are almost wild. Anyways, Cage 17 had a furry middle sized thing which looked at me real friendly. Wagged its tail, hung its tongue out a bit, a tiny bit dopey (I think that's a word) but cute.

Later, husband was brought in on the secret and dragged to see the prisoner in cage 17. He said he'd think about it, and I know that's because he thought that I would have all the fun and he'd have to go walks in the rain. (Only a little bit true, usually.) Then, when he said ok, we called the pound. Of course the soon-to-be-ex-prisoner had to have a name, and we chose Percy. Husband even created a 'Welcome Percy' sign for the basket on the computer and printed it out.

Then when we went to get the thing, we found out; well, she isn't exactly a 100% poodle, and she's not trimmed French-style or whatever it's called, so there is too much fur to see either this or that, you know what I mean? Anyway it doesn't matter, when I call out to her, nobody else knows the difference. Just about all the other dogs around here are neutered too, thank goodness, so it doesn't bother her any, either. That's all about Percy, she's only the dog. Good she can't read.

But I was forgetting about Polly. Actually Polly doesn't exist yet, or if he (!) does, we don't know it yet. On a personal note, we are not going to have our own kids, feel nervous so far about adopting, so we've been talking (mostly me) about a friend for Percy, from the pound again, we haven't asked them yet, but we'd want something around the same size, with long enough fur to conceal the evidence, and also quiet like her. Since, of course, it's cute to have a little boy and little girl, the next one's name would have to be female - yeah, it's dumb, but ...

This winter seems long, and it isn't halfway yet. It's always like that after New Years, I guess. At least here there is a real long spring to look forward to, at home it all happens so fast, one week it's freezing, then after a week of mud and slush, and a flash of green it's becoming a baking desert again - and time to find my namesakes. Yum yum.

Have to remember to call home to say Happy Shagaa. It won't make me happy, buhuhu. Happy earth cow, ox, yak, bull, whatever, to you too! 

Maybe I found too many gadgets now.

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