Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So I live in a village, eh?

The Obamarama has finally landed, to our south. We have Queen Elizabeth, it's so much easier and cheaper, eh?* To judge by what Madame President was wearing, she and Dizzy Lizzy share their dress sense. Miaou miaouw miaow goodness which one is correct?

So, otherwise, the war stopped and everyone says that nothing will change, what a waste of life. I don't like looking at bombs, that's why I spent my spare time 'fussing' with these blogs as husband said. Still I haven't found out about 'comments', but I think nobody visited here yet. I have managed to find the spellchecker and even put it here, to help if the visitors think there is a mistake, you can check up on me!

I imported a picture for my last post all by myself (I'm learning the blocabulary as you see) which I searched for on Google Images, and cropped in some other program I forget. I also found, (look at the left here) from one of the Google Alerts last week, a blogger who had central Asian costume sketches, so I cut and pasted the Tyvan one, made it a better size, and put yellow around it. (Then it got our flag colours!) I hope she doesn't mind. She also had a collection of videos (inc. in Tyvan) showing and speaking many different turkic language colours. A little bit weird.

Hello, why is the i not before the e, that's the rule, isn't it? THERE IS NO C IN WEIRD. Bl**dy language. Excusez mon Francais, as they say in Quebec. I'll never finish learning it, (English, not French - nospiki) but thank you to clever Ms Spell-Checker for your assistance. Even if you don't explain it for me. To me. Whatever.

Still obamamania on TV. Get over it. Why is he black, he's just as much white, exactly half each. And I'm yellow? Not the last time I looked in a mirror. Anyway, whites are pink-orange. Now I can say all that in seven different turkic languages!

* In Canada everyone ends the sentences with 'eh?'. The Canadian language is a bit more like British English in some ways, spelling is mostly not like American, for example: Br E 'colour, defence, centre', not Am E 'color, defense, center'. But it's a bit mixed so I did buy the Canadian Oxford Dictionary to help me adapt. Some pronuciation is different: when a Canadian says 'oat in a boat' s/he is not talking about horse food in a small ship. It is our way to say 'out and about'. Besides that about 25% speak French, of course. All of Canada is officially bilingual, like Tyva.

When I checked that % just now on Wikipedia, I was reminded of something I always think is very funny: why Canada is called that? Well, the truth is that the first Frenchman was in an Indian village just after he arrived and he asked what was this place where he was. They told him 'Kanata' which he carefully wrote down, so now the second biggest country in the world is called 'village'. Doh. (Actually the same thing happened with the Russian colonisers in Siberia, there are some places like - the river River, and Mt Mountain!).

Sorry if I seem preoccupied with language etc it's because I spent most of my life and energy studying it. Ooof. Gottagivitup. But it was my ticket out, as they say. It still takes me ages to revise for example my punctuation here and then dear husband checks it for me afterwards. Even gives me marks (kisses!) to make me try harder! I think it's too easy to write nonsense here. Stop.

Gadgets are cool!

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