Monday, January 12, 2009

Here I go. Umm .... where? Mmmm.

Well, here I am at last, I joined the Blogosphere, so now I have to think what to write. And be careful that my English is perfect, of course. It will be the best practice for me, and if anyone sees a mistake, I hope I get a 'Comment'! (Kindly, please.) I don't know yet how often I will think of something to write, or maybe I'll just forget to do it. Let's see how it goes. 

Now the steppe must be freezing, like what they call the prairie here. So the little shonchelai bulbs are dormant, a bit like me, waiting to bloom when it gets warmer! Perhaps that is the thought that was behind my choice of 'nom de plume' ('nom de fleur' I guess they may say in Quebec!). My toes got very cold when I took Percy (poodle) for a walk, my boots are too thin - but pretty! The ice-water can get inside, so next time it will be galoshes. Sigh. Ugly. 

It would be better if it was really cold, dry cold. Then we could also drive normally. Then I could ask (....... ) to send me some felt boots by post and everyone would look at me: 'Has she broken both her legs?'. Hahaha! I should try that, they've never seen such things. Already my lovely warm fur hat is so remarkable for them, they look at me when I put the straps around my arms by habit. So I tell them about the naughty boys at home, and they are surprised, of course. Nobody steals hats here.

I must write about more serious things. Of course, I'm all on my own here so far, talking to myself as usual - it will be interesting to see when someone arrives to visit my blogger-blog. My secret idea is to find out if someone from Tyva will discover me - I don't even know how they could do that, actually. Then I can have some fun with them and anyone else who likes Tyva - and Tyvans, and Tyvan things and  ... whatever. Some good gossip, I suppose. And if they like me live far away from home they can go to 
and cry. Then call your mom in Tyva. 

(Some days later: I found a 'gadget' that puts Tyvan things from YouTube at the bottom below here. Now we can cry every day!)

Is there spell-checker here? Hm, have to look for it, getting lazy already, see a lot of mistakes when I look again. Where is husband when he is needed?

Now I want to see what it looks like. 'Bye.


Sean said...

ekii! internetting mendizi-bile! bir tyva kizhi silerni typ algan dyr! kanchap canadaga churttai berdinger? meeng baza chazhydym bar, men chogum Tyva kizhi eves men, baza siler yshkash koshken kizhi dir men, amerikanyng xamaatyzy boop keerge tyvada 6 chyl churttap tur men. chagaalazhyp turaalyngar, bisting saitti baza sonuurgap korunger

p.s. meeng ulug uruumnung adyn baza shonchalai deer...


Flattery will get u nowhere, I don't tell ALL my secrets here, and my blog is not 4 advertising 4 steppe cowboys!

Just joking! Thanx 4 being the 1st commentator. And as u c I already advertise Alash here!

PS my blog is 2 practice my English so it's nice 2 get the comments in English 2!