Monday, February 2, 2009

'About Tyva in English'

So, as you can see I made a Google Group (at the left!). That is another new thing for me to investigate, what it is and how to use it. 

Now it's Sunday and I just had the big catastrophe, I did something stupid and lost all my writing, so I'll do it again later. It's very annoying.

I'll now try again, and thank you, husband for showing me the button I must press to save my writing. (And why didn't you explain me BEFORE?) Well, I wrote so many interesting and clever things, and now I can't remember anything, of course. 

Yes, the Group, well - now it already has some members, I'm so happy about it. They are from America, and want to know about Tyva. Now I wait for some Tyvans to come and help me answer the questions! The Group has some useful parts, I made a Page where you can see the weather and the time in Tyva, so you can use it to know what clothes to pack if you shall visit Tyva, and if you want to make a call, you can really make sure to do it in the middle of the night, to annoy someone very much!

Also you can see some other Pages. These can have useful interesting information from the members. I put part of my collection of websites about Tyva, in categories, and now husband showed me I can make them live, so I started to do it. I have more links to put there. (I just remembered to push the 'save now' button, good!) What else - oh yes, there is another page where I started to collect the blogs about Tyva, so I hope we find more to put there. Oops, I just realised I should put this one! Doh. Then because I had a blog about our most famous throat singer who was in a funny video, and another member had never heard about it, she has started a page with videos about Tyva, so it should also get bigger.

There are also Discussions, already I tried to start some about fashion, and about spirituality. I tried to be provoking argument but only got agreements! So far. And anyone can decide another discussion topic, of course. Some members already wanted to know about language, Tyvan sheep-murderers (it was a vegetarian) and will start discussions about it soon I hope.

About language, the group for me is great practice, now I have written so many mails already as well because of it! Husband only corrects this blog, and so I hope the English writers/readers will have time to correct the things the Tyvans write, I already got some good advice there. It is so difficult for some people in Tyva to have the chance to meet a foreigner and to get such help, so I hope some of them find this way, and some kind native speakers will help us. I suppose some Tyvans may like to be anonymous like me, to keep the level of their English secret, if they are shy! (Maybe a teacher!)

By the way, my husband came to Canada as a teenager exchange student, and afterwards studied here. After finishing he got work here because mining is very important, he was lucky his branch was just beginning. (Guess what, girls: it's  DIAMONDS  !!! But he doesn't bring his work home, it's a pity!) Anyway, what I wanted to explain - we speak English at home, but it's at a banal level, of course, we don't have so many intellectual debates! He speaks much better than me, he lived here longer and speaks English all day. But at my work I translate a lot into Russian, that helps me to learn new English words and is good for my English reading, but only here I can practice writing it. Then husband corrects it for me, isn't he good? (As he told me!)

Two foreigners wrote emails to me in Tyvan, it's very nice, but doesn't help my English. I must mail in Tyvan to my relatives and friends. I propose that this Group is only in English like my blog, and it is of course also possible to make another Group if they want to practice Tyvan language, and find some Tyvans who like to help them with that. It can be 'About Tyva in Tyvan'! But sorry I don't have time to make it for them, I am already confused with one blog and one group! (Pushed 'save now', again.) I hope they like to be members of this Group too, in any case.

Also I was asked to make a translation, but as I am a paid translator, and I know the TyvaLingua business in Kyzyl would like to have some work, I show my professional solidarity and refer this to them, to make them happy! If you like to have a translation, or to visit Tyva, they can arrange everything:!

Oh, I can't remember what else I had written before. Yes, at the Group there are also Files. I don't know what that is yet at all. If someone has some good ideas about how to make the Group look better, please be welcome to say it. I already know some of our members have some experience! Also, the members can put some information about themselves at their Profile, of course, I can't remember if I did that yet. 

So, I welcome you to be a member of the Group 

About Tyva in English! 

Tell your friends!

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PS I started to try to make a website

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