Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am still shaking too much. Husband just got the call from the company. He didn't tell me at the weekend, what about was the meeting where he went last week. Now he told me that the company has decided to close some places cos people aren't buying enough diamonds. So of course I asked where did they close these mines, he told me now it is in Africa. So what? Well, he explained it depends on how expensive it is to dig them up in different places, it means all the costs. So in Canada they haven't mined diamonds for a long time, only about ten years I think, it's very new. But they already got 15% of the market in the world. Only problem is it costs a lot to start new mines and look for them, more here than other places. It's about the effect of glaciers he said. So now they cut back on it all. Like also for the tarsands, now gas is going so cheap again. It's not worth it, it costs too much to make a profit now. Damn. I already got cut back about half time from my work, cos Russia doesn't pay any more for so much, mainly only the customers here still want some translations for their business there.

One of my neighbours, oh it is C, you know, she thought her parents can get rich from oil, they live in that place over the other side of the border they talk about called Bakken. But then they knew that they didn't own the oil, only the dirt on top. That's when she met her oilman who is canuck, he was down there working. Now he went to the tarsands but she wouldn't go too. I'm so nervous I just write about anything. What should I think. What will happen? The banks here are ok, no problem they say. The auto factories are in bad problems, but it's not near here. The farmers have problems cos the price of the food goes so much up and down, just last year it was crazy for them. We know some of them, they got some problem with their banks I know.

DAMNACK. Sorry. It's my own Russian-canuck mat. What to do? Of course we didn't finish to pay for the house. But I think we got insurance for that. If it is necessary. Wow. WOW. We also have to pay for the car every month, or it goes from the bank anyway automatically. Where will they close down, when will they close down, will husband's job stop.....? He said gold is ok, it keeps going up now. But maybe that's only while the rich people have money for it. It can crash too like diamonds, perhaps. Holy cr*psh*ts that's what C says, she's Catholic. Her pop's Italian, she makes Italian cookies and other national cooking, which is very tasty. Anyway husband doesn't know so much about gold, I think. Before he was the coal specialist. That was his work after studies here, in Mongolia. Then he studied again and learned about diamonds. Maybe coal is better now, there must always be electricity I suppose. I don't want to live in Mongolia, even to be nearer Mom and Dad and all. I like to be just where I am now, if it can stay like that as I hope.

Husband called his family in UB and I called my Dad and step-mom to say happy new year cos in Mongolia it's bituun, then it's their White Month there like Shagaa. It was difficult to make the connection. But it's terrible, a lot of animals died again like before, about 8-9 years ago, that was really very terrible. They can't do anything about it, it's such a pity for them and the animals. Only sometimes can they sell some meat in Russia, but it's a problem, that's why my dad lives there now and then I left. So there it's not a happy time before the new year, it is really very dark. But those ninjas who have got gold last summer will make happy first steps, I am sure. If they didn't spend it all already.

Husband said I'm too enthusiastic about new year, cos there was one at the temple, it was in January (it was the Chinese one) and I called my Mom and she said I am crazy, she didn't know about it, but no-one decided what day it will be yet. Oops. There are too many new years now, Russians have two of them, an old one and a new one. So then I saw from Dina at TuvaOnline that our high lama found out about it, by magic or by internet, I don't know! We had a little one with our friends already, but now we will just think about our families, and about our friends at home, and about the news we hear from them, what is happening and such gossip. It's sad to be so far away. And we don't have such good news to tell, really it's a pity. (We called that Mongolian friend here too with our wishes, they also are worried about it all, in Mongolia and here. It's strange, isn't it, we didn't talk about it with them at that weekend, maybe we wanted just to forget it then.)

Only we can hope for the best and be afraid about the worst. I understand it's the yank bankers that made our big crisis problems, they were too greedy as Obama said. But no-one caused the bad weather, unless it's from the global warming. I did one translation about it, I know US use 25% of all energy, but are only 5% of people. Here in Canada we use even more, but it's colder here and we are not so many people, maybe 10% of US. In Russia and in Europe it was written they use only half so much for each person. I think we should try to be more careful about the world. It's my wish for the new year. I hope it becomes happier later, let's wait and see. Maybe sometimes it's good not to have any kids, huh.

I'll talk to home tomorrow.

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